I’m Tessa, a 25 year old graphic- and experience designer who loves creating. I do this from anywhere in the world, because I like to be where the sun, waves and beach are. I get a lot of inspiration from traveling which I’ll always try to put in my designs. Therefore I love working with likeminded people and companies. Are you one of them? Let’s chat! (or facetime ;))

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Here comes the boring stuff…

My name is Tessa van den Brink and I’m a 25 year old graphic- and experience designer. In June 2014 I graduated at the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Utrecht and got my Bachelor of Design. Afterwards I have been following an accelerated Master Experience Designer at Hyper Island in Amsterdam. After graduating I’ve worked for DSTNY as an experience designer where I had to take care of doing research, design (graphic as well as User Interface), content and social media (marketing).


One year later I decided to take it to the next level – so I started my own graphic & experience design company, in which I can fulfill my passion for concepting and designing. Not long after that, my other passion – which is facilitating learning processes for others – got fulfilled too, together with two other former classmates we founded unfold. A company that facilitates creative- and team culture centered workshops as an antidote to the way work works right now.

Over the past few years I’ve gained a lot of experience working for start-ups, freelancers and also bigger companies and clients like; SONY, Radio 538, Radio 10, SkyRadio, Radio Veronica, Google, KLM, Etos and Philips. I would love to get in contact with new clients to use and share this experience with you in your challenge!

During these years I developed my own way of working and my own beliefs when it comes to design:
Human centered

I believe a good design needs to have an even better concept that exists out of human centered research and a real user need. That's why one of my main focusses - during a design proces - is concepting.

Visual storytelling

I think that being able to communicate with people through design is extremely important; I think the most valuable skill for a designer is to be able to make things look, sound or be simpler and easier to understand by a good design.

Experience design

I want to give people an experience and take them on a journey. My vision is that design can be an important way to bring a concept, a brand or an idea to life.


Want to know more about me or introduce yourself? Let’s chat!