Graphic design

I can help you translate your concept or brand into a visual design. Think of a new logo, a tailor-made brand identity, an artwork, business cards or leaflets. Both online and on paper!

Concept design

I love a good brainstorm session to come up with kick-ass concepts! I've got the right tools and mindset to come up with creative and innovative concepts as a fundament for a product or service. Are you stuck in the process of brainstorming or do you need a creative boost or cool concept? I can help you develop ideas and turn them into a tangible outcome.

Web design

Wordpress websites - no abracadabra for me. I can help you (or teach you how to) build your own unique website for your company or product. With your input we'll build a website in a style that fits your wishes. Click the button below to learn more about the way I'll be working with you on your new website.

Creative Consultancy

Besides drawing, sketching and building. I am also a creative facilitator, which basically means I help people get more creative by teaching them about creative processes and handing them the right tools. So if you're in need of advice or a personal coach in this particular section. I'm your guy, eh, girl!